Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do!


Relationships can be hard work, there will always be ups and downs but, if your current ben admin technology partnership just isn’t meeting your needs, it’s probably time to move on. Breaking up really isn’t hard to do once you know it’s the right thing to do. You need and deserve a solution that works for you and your tech provider prince charming is out there just waiting to be found.


So if your ben admin provider is avoiding your calls (not being responsive), reluctant to put in the work (not handling issues in a timely fashion), or seems emotionally unavailable (you are lacking a dedicated Account Executive to take care of you), it’s time to face the cold hard truth, you need someone new.


The right technology provider makes life better not harder. So, if you have experienced any of the following, a break-up is on the horizon.



You’ve lost that loving feeling

The relationship may have started out strong but now you are angry and frustrated more than happy and content. If the sunshine and roses and quickly resolved issues in the beginning has turned into multiple phone calls, emails, and even threats to get simple problems solved, you aren’t alone. Though it’s not uncommon for customer service to slip as comfort in a relationship develops, it’s not ok. Unkept promises and long wait times are a deal breaker, you shouldn’t have to beg for help or answers! You deserve a provider who delivers throughout the duration of the relationship so if you feel you are not being taken care of, speak up. If an immediate and noticeable change doesn’t take place, move on!  There are ben admin providers who pride themselves on strong relationships forged by dedicated account executives and support staff who are waiting to show you how much easier things could be.



They don’t understand you.

Despite promises of custom tailored sites designed to accommodate your organization’s needs and ongoing support for you and your unique population, you are suddenly being pressured into a one size fits all model, given months long turnaround times for changes or updates, or charged for “customization” that other providers offer their clients at no charge. That won’t work. Your ben admin provider is more than company you work with, they should be a partner. Their goal shouldn’t be to appease you or provide the absolute minimum to get by but to equip you with the tools to help you improve your life and accomplish goals through technology.

Does your current provider understand you? Do they know and understand what your business does, your mission, your long-term goals? They don’t need to read your diary and know all your hopes and dreams but, if they don’t know what you are about, they can’t meet your needs. If your current provider isn’t proactively working on providing solutions to improve outcomes around benefits administration, education, and enrollment, it’s time to find someone who will.



You’ve changed and so have they

What started out as a great fit can change over time. Maybe your provider has changed service models and no longer provides the style of service you want. Maybe your business has grown and your ben admin provider just hasn’t grown with you or your goals have changed and no longer align with your current provider. No matter how it happened, you are no longer a good fit. These things happen and when they do, it’s best to acknowledge the changes and adjust as necessary.

When you are paying a premium for services you no longer need or those that no longer help you achieve your goals, it’s time to find a benefits admin technology provider who will.



So now what?

You’ve read this list, done some soul searching and decided that it’s time to break up with your current ben admin provider. Now what? Once you’ve yanked off the band-aid and put an end to dysfunctional relationship, call TBX®. We are waiting to swoop in on our white horse with a state of the art ben admin, enrollment, and education system that works for you!