We think yes! We’ve worked extra hard to give you a cost effective solution that helps companies simplify their employee benefits. How? We put our fees at risk and use the revenue generated from Voluntary Benefit products to cover any set-up and PEPM fees. As long as the company conducts an active enrollment, you won’t pay any of those fees.

Absolutely. The Benefits Genius™ is the most advanced decision support tool in the market today. This proprietary decision support tool is integrated in the enrollment process to show employees how their benefits are designed to work together. The end result is a population of employees who have more confidence in their benefit enrollment decisions and in their employer.

Your time is precious, we get it. The old 4-6 month (or longer) technology implementation just doesn’t work anymore. TBX® implements a modern benefits and enrollment solution that delivers unparalleled results, way faster than the other guys. We’re talking 45 days. We’ll assign you a personal Account Executive (AE) for the life of your relationship with us who will take care of kicking off the implementation process. This includes working with carriers directly to get specific plan design details, putting together the company structure, business rules and eligibility, providing ongoing service support and facilitating the renewal process.

Heck yeah. Our self-serve enrollment and administrative platform for employee benefits is revolutionary! No on-site enrollers – employees get benefits education through rich videos and the decision support tool, and they have access to benefit level documents with consistent messaging. Think of the TBX® platform like a guided tour of benefits (provided in both English and Spanish), available virtually anytime, any place.

Yes, we provide our pre-enrollment communication campaign, the enrollment system itself, and all media in Spanish at no extra cost.

Even though we’ve worked our butts off to create an incredible self-enroll online solution, we get that sometimes it’s easier to pick up the phone and get your questions answered or even complete your benefits enrollment. Our TBX Enroll Assist℠ call center service is always there for you during the annual open enrollment and year round. We can help with benefit administration system navigation, password resets and completion of your enrollment, as well as the more complex aspects of enrollment like understand all the benefit options available and explaining all the choices available from a cost and coverage perspective.

That’s what we’re here for! Compliance requirements get more confusing every day – we're here to help you manage HR-related compliance functions with specialized service solutions. TBX® offers web-based solutions for COBRA and ACA management, and we can simplify administration even further for you at an affordable rate with no set-up costs.

Breakups are never easy, but once you see how easy it is to reach your benefit administration and HR goals with TBX®, the decision isn’t so hard. We’ll work with you every step of the way, so when you are ready to get the conversation started, TBX® is right there to help you upgrade your current technology and get the benefits system you deserve.

Absolutely. With other benefit providers, getting issues resolved and questions answered is way too frustrating. You need technology that works for you and fast answers if issues arise. TBX® assigns you a dedicated AE and client services team who are there for you throughout the life of your partnership with TBX®. Have an issue? Our monitored ticket system tracks every request from start to finish, categorizes issues and helps you track down the average time to resolve/respond to issues in seconds. No automated 800s, no being passed around from department to department - TBX® provides ongoing support you can count on.

TBX® makes available over 200 standard reports for our clients to access on demand and we also provide the ability for the HR staff to create and schedule reports, based on specific employer needs. Reports can capture general activity, open enrollment activity, benefit enrollment information such as number of participants by tier in each product, by product, by class, coverage information of dependents, and much more. Should report customization be needed, beyond the current offerings, a custom state of work may be necessary.

The TBX® technology is a full benefits administration platform. So yes, in addition to helping you have a successful open enrollment, we also support you with new hires. New hires would receive system invitation to enroll in benefits based on business rules defined by the employer. The Employee would enroll in benefits and TBX® will create and transmit file feed(s) to the respective carriers to commence applicable coverage and TBX® would deliver payroll file to HR or directly upload information to payroll provider to commence payroll deductions. We’re also here to support your employees with initiating benefits changes upon satisfying a qualifying event change- as allowed by the employer.

The TBX® technology is completely mobile device friendly in addition to being accessible via PC and MAC, thus allowing HR staff and employees to access anytime and anywhere internet access is available. And, we've built all of our technology using responsive software to ensure we provide a positive user experience regardless of the device the user elects to use.

This is the one time of year employees get to make changes to their benefits without a qualifying event, therefore we provide access to a fully customized and integrated decision support tool as well as a library of rich, fully customized, communication and education videos specific to each employee class and each benefit offering. These videos, provided in English and Spanish, deliver an engaging and informative experience to employees so they can be confident about the benefit decisions they make. The system is also designed to easily incorporate the various components of an enrollment including communications, benefit selection, forms completion, confirmations, data exchange, and will be deployed for employees 24/7/365.

That’s super simple. You make your wishes known at any time via Contact Us and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours to set this up for you and begin discussing how you can benefit from all TBX® has to offer.

Absolutely! We knew there was a demand in the marketplace for a quality online, self-service enrollment solution and we delivered with eXpertenroll™. eXpertenroll™ is available employers with 1,000+ employees looking for Open Enrollment only support (can support New Hires too) and easily incorporates enrollment communications, education, benefits selection, forms completion, confirmations and more.