New technology implementation sounds boring and difficult. You have concerns, we get it.

  • “How long does TBX® typically need to get this system up and running?”
  • “Does my client have the time and staff to handle this?”
  • “Will TBX® handle payroll and carrier data interchanges for my clients?”

Well rest easy, because we’re not your average technology provider. Forget boring workbooks – with TBX®, implementing new technology is a snap for you and your clients. A manageable 45 days from start to finish will get your client up and running.

We provide an effortless implementation experience that cuts out an intensive workload. Clients simply provide TBX® with information about their company structure, eligibility rules, and plan documents and we take it from there. A dedicated client services team will handle finishing workbooks, connecting with carriers to obtain product descriptions, rates and marketing information, distribute pre-enrollment communications to the workforce, work with payroll vendors and carriers on data file interchanges, and be available to you and your clients for the duration of the relationship.